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About Me & My Project

My name is Aron and I’m a junior in high school. I love videography, including camera operating and footage editing. I was scrolling through Jewish-related content on TikTok, and I realized how little people know about Jews and noticed a lot of anti-semitism often fueled by ignorance. I looked at my school's curriculum regarding the Holocaust in the World History to see what schools to do combat this issue, and was surprised to see so little time was put into teaching it. It was a side-topic, mentioned only once or twice. As a 3G (3rd Generation) Holocaust survivor, I understand the importance of Holocaust Education, and was upset to see so little being taught in my school. I started the TikTok as a means to help educate the younger generations, who primarily get their news from social media. We have received an overwhelmingly positive support, and we hope continue to operate the account for as long as possible. The account serve as a legacy to Tova enabling people from all over the world to witness the story of a survivor first hand, before it is too late.


Our Mission

I believe I can make a difference by using a popular platform to expose and educate younger users to the horrors of that time period, in hopes of reducing antisemitism online and encouraging others to speak out against it.

The book of names, with a list of those recorded to have been murdered in Auschwitz including 150 members of Tova’s family. It is kept in Auschwitz Museum.

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